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SENAO SN-356 long range cordless phone

SENAO SN-356 long range cordless phone

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Referencia: SN356

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Long range cordless phone


If you need a reliable communication over long distances via wireless phones with the best option is the line of cordless phones long range Senao.


Senao offers its radios to be used as PLAM (Mobile Personal Local Area Network) giving the system more powerful, robust and designed for the wireless world. When you need to make a call at any time and place, you need to create a working group or manage your business requires fast. Senao wireless phones are the tool specific to your needs.


Senao manufactures a telephony solution for various industrial segments such as agriculture, industrial, logistics, education, marine, fairs and events, security and more.
Warning: this telephone is not approved for Spain. (Attention: its use remain reserved to countries outside the European Union due to restrictions of the European Rules) exclusive sale for exportation outside the European Union.

For the expedition of any order the seller will have to prove that the destination is outside the European Union.






# Record of calls received / missed.
# Access Multichannel Auto-Scan.
# System multihandset (up to 99 handsets).
# Communication walkie-talkie between handsets.
# Handsfree on handset and base.
# Madness Digital, a leader in radio in Spain
# Intercom two-way speakerphone.
# 30 Caller ID memory with date and time.
# Caller ID with Call Waiting.
# Agenda of 50 numbers with name / number for each handset.
# Redial of the last 10 numbers in the handset.
# Automatic redial the last number on the base.
# Display and keypad light.
# Change channel during conversation.
# 20 Direct Dial numbers stored in the memory of the base.
# 65 536 security codes (two tracks).
# Length of program flash.
# Music on hold.
# Energy Saver in the handset.
# Low battery warning on display and sound.
# Scrambler built.
# Transferring calls between handsets and base.
# Alert u201Cfuera scope%% u201D.
# Volume of bell adjustable base and handset.
# Voice Volume adjustable base and handset.
# Selection bell tone in the handset and base.
# Key, volume adjustment on the handset.
# Handset to slide key.
# Display multi-languages.