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+ 4Gb Micro SD Adapter

+ 4Gb Micro SD Adapter


Referencia: MICROSD4GB


4,78€ incl. VAT

3,95€ w/o VAT


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+ 4Gb Micro SD Adapter

The Secure Digital or SD cards best known in the market are ideal for storing large amounts of data at a speed and safety immejorables. These cards typically used in cameras and camcorders last generation.

This card lets you store up to 4 gigabytes of data.


Compliance - compliance with the standard specification of SD Card Association card
- Read speed up to 5MB/seg.
- Write speed up to 1.5MB/seg.
Small - 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm
Segura - switch internal write protection prevents accidental data loss
Operating Temperature 0 ║ to 60 ║ C / 32 ║ to 140 ║ F
Storage Temperature -20 ║ to 85 ║ C / -4 ║ to 185 ║ F
Easy - as easy as plug and play
Economy - low-energy batteries worn device
Versatile - Compatible with PC Card Type II slot when using the digital media adapter appropriate Kingston