MICROSD32GB 32 Gb Micro SD Class 10 + adapter Kingstom

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  • 32 Gb Micro SD MICROSD32GB Kingstom class 10 + Adapter The Secure Digital or SD cards best known in the...

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32GB Micro SD Adapter Class 4

The Secure Digital or SD ms known in the market are ideal for storing large amounts of data at a speed and safety immejorables. These cards tend to be used in cameras and videocameras of last generation.

This card allows you to store up to 32 GB of data.

Micro SD 32Gb Adaptador


Compliance - complies with standard specification n of SD Card Association card
- reading speed up to 5MB/sec.
- Write speed up to 1.5MB/seg.
Pequea - 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm
Safe - Internal switch write protection prevents accidental data loss
temperature operation 0-60 C / 32 to 140 F
Storage temperature -20 to 85 C / -4 to +185 F
Fcil - as easy as plug and play
Econmica - the low- Wearing no batteries energy device
versatile - Compatible with PC Card Type II slot when using the digital adapter Kingston appropriate media