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YT-0006S Charger YUNTONG professional balancer for batteries with s

YT-0006S Charger YUNTONG professional balancer for batteries with s

YT0006S YT0006S YT0006S YT0006S YT0006S YT0006S YT0006S YT0006S

Referencia: YT0006S (YUNTONG)


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YUNTONG YT0006S professional smart charger with battery balancer Paintballing

The smart charger with balancer YT-0006S is a professional magazine, designed and manufactured by YUNTONG battery Litio-Pol?ro/I?itio/LiFePO4 NiMH / NiCd and sealed lead acid batteries.


- Balanced independent internal lithium battery: YT-0006S features a balancer individual cell voltage, it is not necessary to connect an external balancer for balance charging.

- Balanced individual during battery discharge: During the download process, the YT-0006S can monitor and balance each cell of the battery individually. If any cell voltage is abnormal, an error message and the process will be completed automatically.

- Apropiado para diversos tipos de bater? de litio: LI-ION, LI-Pol?ro, LiFePO4.

- Modes of fast loading and storage for lithium batteries: lithium batteries can be charged with various purposes. "0fast charge reduces the duration of the load, while the state u201DStore%% u201D can control the fi nal voltage of the battery, to store for a long time and protect the full-time use of the battery.

- Security: Delta-peak sensitivity. Automatic fi tion of the load based on the principle of detection of the Delta-peak voltage. When the battery voltage exceeds the threshold, the process will be completed automatically.

- Limit automatic load current: You can fi jar the upper limit of charge current to charge their batteries NiCd / NIMH; Useful NIMH battery capacity and low impedance in the charging mode u201CAUTO%% u201D .

- Limitation of capacity: The capacity is always calculated as the charging current multiplied by time. If the load exceeds the limit, the process is automatically terminated when it reaches the maximum value.

- Limit time processing: You can also limit the maximum length of process to avoid any possible damage.

- Monitoring of input power: To protect against damage when the car battery used as DC power input, the voltage is monitored continuously. If it falls below the lower limit, the process will be completed automatically.

- Data Warehousing / load data can be stored for up to five batteries for use by the users. You can save the data on the program settings of continuous loading or unloading of the battery. Users can retrieve data at any time without any special adjustment of the program.

- Loading / unloading cycle: It is possible for 1 to 5 processes of loading and unloading cyclic and continuous to restore and
balance the battery.

Description of parts


Loading procedure


- Charge 1 to 6 packs of batteries Litio-Pol?ro/I?itio/LiFePO4.
- Charge 1 to 15 packs of batteries NIMH / NiCd.
- Burden of sealed lead-acid batteries 20V-2.
- The load current varies from 0.1A to 5A
- The discharge current ranges from 0.1A to 1.20
- The input voltage is 11.0-18.0V
- The current balance is about 300mA/c?la.
- Maximum load: 50W
- Maximum Discharge: 5W
- The voltage is about 20mV balanced.
- Size: approximately 134x88x25.0mm
- Weight: 570g approx.

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