POLMAR POLMARDB50 DB-50 Mobile station VHF-UHF Dual Band

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  • DB-50M Transmitter POLMAR Dual Band VHF UHF 144 MHz-430 MHz dual-band mobile New 144/430 FM, for use...

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Station Dual Band VHF UHF 144 MHz-430 MHz
New mobile dual band 144/430 FM, for use in full duplex, cross-band and dual receiver.



Content POLMAR DB-50M kit
  • 1 DB-50M
  • 1 Microphone with keypad QHM-05
  • 1 Power Supply CP52
  • 1 Support QMB01 Station
  • 2 Spare Fuses QF01
  • 1 head extension cable CP-52
  • Game bracket screw to hold QMB01










anytone at-5888


anytone at-5888


  • Range transmission (FM) 144-146, 430-440 MHz
    Output 50, 35 Watts, 10 and 5
    Wide Bandwidth (25 kHz) and narrow (12.5 kHz)
    2.5 Tuning Step , 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 and 50 kHz
    Dual Receive - receive two signals simultaneously - the second can be muted during transmission
    DIAL independent volume control, each side
    Function Buttons separated on each side
    Either side may be VHF or UHF anytime - VU, UV, UU, VV - One side can be VFO and Memory across while
    Cross- Band Repeat (Repedidor cross band)
    758 memory channels
    CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, ANI, PTT ID, Encode and Decode 2Tone/5Tone
    DTMF Microphone
    Detachable Control (separation CAT5)
    Computer Programmable
    Illumination of buttons on microphone