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EL0161E Proteje mains and CURRENT antenna 6 TAKINGS, 1 ANTENNA

EL0161E Proteje mains and CURRENT antenna 6 TAKINGS, 1 ANTENNA


Referencia: EL0161E


21,01€ incl. VAT

17,36€ w/o VAT


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ref: EL0161E

The 0161 and Proteje mains and antenna

It assures one complete protection against surges and tips of tension produced by electrical storms, short circuits, static electricity, etc.

It avoids interferences and the effects of the electrical noise (responsible for errors and loss of data, disconnections nonwished of line, interruptions of signal, etc.

Protection of the apparatuses connected to the installation of the antenna and the telephone line.

It incorporates a system of automatic disconnection in case of overloads. The thermostat of security of 10 To protiles the correct operation avoiding the overheat.

It has a safety to children (stoppers)

Takings of input/output of antenna signal

5 standard Tomas + 1 takings with additional space for the connection from adapters, transforming, etc.

It has an indicator that it indicates that the circuits ofprotection estan verified and ready to work.



Nominal current: 10#Cbr>Nominal tension: 250 V - 50 Hertz
Maximum power: 2300 W to 230 V
Voltage maximo: 775 V
Maxima energy: (H-N, H-G, N-G) 714 Joules
Maxima current: 
       - Type bases: 6500#Cbr>       - complete Type: 19500#Cbr>Voltage: "tip" 6 kV
Response time: < 1 ns
Filter against noises in line and transientes:
       - Rank of frequency: 150 Khz - 100 Mhz
       - Absorption: up to 40 dB