RP1 PAIR INTARIDE, intercom of motorcycle

EVO DUO BT 60710
  • EVO DUO BT 60710
  • EVO DUO BT 60710
Discontinued product.
  • It enjoys the BEST INTERCOM OF Of MOTORCYCLE the MARKET now! , incredible, it allows to communicate pilot...

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The best Intercom of motorcycle of the moment! , kit allows that pilot and to passenger dog communicate with all clarityand by made tests Naked type you have been able in a BMW (without fairing) to reach 190 Km/h. and the extraordinary result.

With these results and to after of having proven much of which there isin the market, we dare to confirm that the INTARIDE is the bestintercom of motorcycle of the market.

In the photography down kit dog sees observed completes, is provided withthe 2 accessories for helmets (compatible with closed open or helmet), also prograpevines to for cable connection to walkie talkies, movable cable forthe connection to telephone, audio for cable the connection of (for MP3 example).