BT Bluetooth Intercom 200m Twin City. Valid for driver and passen

BT City twin Intercom Bluetooth 200m. Individual 66830
Discontinued product.
  • BT Bluetooth Intercom 200m Twin City. Technical Pilot-passenger intercom, moto bike up to 2...

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Bluetooth Intercom 200m BT City. Pilot and passenger.


Pilot-passenger intercom, moto bike up to 2 people, a maximum distance of 200 m

Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 technology (protocol Headset/Handsfree/A2DP) with DSP

AGC: automatic volume control depending on background noise

To enable communication VOX intercom and answer the phone by voice, without using hands

Manual commands: activation of telephone, intercom and cable connection

Compact, ultra-flat: little wind noise

Stereo Audio kit consists of 2 speakers and 2 microphones ultra-thin interchangeable wire and adjustable rod

High versatility: compatible and easily installed on any type of helmet incorporating a muzzled media and a bi-adhesive
Lithium-polymer battery with% uFEFF an autonomy of up to 8 hours talk time

Presentation: BT device, audio kit with 2 Microphones: Wire and adjustable rod, cable, stereo with iPod connection, charger, double-hull support kit: with jaws and bi-adhesive.

Bluetooth Intercom 200m BT City. Individual% uFEFF.


Bluetooth Technology
, 2.0
, Yes
Up to 200 m
Associable with Walkie Talkie
, Yes
Autonomy 5/5/90
, 10H/200H
Compatible Integral helmet
, Yes
Compatible Jet helmet
, Yes
Compatible Modular helmet
, Yes
GPS Connection
, Yes
IPod/MP3 connection
, Yes
Connect Walkie Talkie
, Yes
Bi-adhesive fixing
, Yes
Securing clamp
, Yes
, Yes
, Yes
Up to 2 people
Voice messages
, No
Wire Microphone
, Yes
Rod Microphone
, Yes
, Yes
, A2DP
, Yes
FM Radio
, No
, Yes