X TERRA 705 GOLD Minelab X-TERRA 705 metal detector SPECIAL GOLD GOLD

X TERRA 705 GOLD MINELAB X-TERRA 705 GOLD detector metales ESPECIAL ORO 67220
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  • X TERRA 705 GOLD Minelab X-TERRA 705 metal detector SPECIAL GOLD GOLD A great team performance lauded...

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X TERRA 705 GOLD Minelab X-TERRA 705 metal detector GOLD GOLD SPECIAL
A great team performance lauded throughout Europe and a price very interesting.

Digital Detector tegnologia VFLEX, discrimination for 28 segments and numerical and tones. Ground Balance manual and automatic light on the screen. Great depth and accurate discrimination.

Packed with features such as Earth Balance Automatic, continuous detection of ground segments discrimination, Iron Mask, Mode Localization and detection modes.

From beaches goldfields with accuracy and precision."0detector intuitive, easily removes junk and identify objects. Lit screen. You can configure your own detection modes. With 25 cm dish. DD of 7.5 kHz.


With three frequencies for different dishes 3kHz, 7.5 kHz and 1B, 75kHz, to find Relics, Coins and Gold VFLEX emphasizes its new technology, digital signal processing with highly calibrated analog circuits creating a new class of single frequency detectors."0detector with higher sensitivity and higher immunity to electromagnetic interference, with higher resolution in the identification of objects, even with the deepest.

Kit Contents
  • Minelab X-Terra 705
  • 4 alkaline batteries
  • Manual in Spanish




  • Technical
    Transmission Technology VFLEX single frequency sine wave
    Options dishes 3: standard 7.5 kHz, 3 kHz low, high 18.75 kHz) new
    detection modes and Relics Coins, Gold Prospecting new
    earth balance modes 2: Average . New beach Saltwater
    adjustment modes Manua ground balance Auto, Tracking new
    Numeric object id on screen and tone
    acoustic object ID Selectable: 1, 2.3, or multi-tone new
    new YES tone background
    Discrimination 28 positions (Accept / Reject) new
    Iron Mask (survey mode)
    Patterns of discrimination 3 + All new metals
    Custom Set Patterns of discrimination and personal modes
    Maximum Depth
    depth indicators 5
    Manual sensitivity settings ( 1-30) New
    noise cancellation Adjust 5 (-2, -1,0,1,2). New car
    Exact Location Audio and visual static unmodulated
    Volume Adjustment 0-30
    YES lightly loaded Notice
    Audio Speaker and headphone
    Search Mode Movement
    Batteries 4 x AA or (NiMH / NiCad)
    Armrest 4 positions with adjustable strap
    Maximum length 1.42 m.
    undeployed length 1.22 m.
    1.3 kg Weight with Batteries
    Accessories Headsets, cover plate, cover and short bar