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Detector metal to localizer GARRETT GTI 1500

Detector metal to localizer GARRETT GTI 1500


Referencia: GTI1500 (GARRET)

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It is amused to imagines what it is possible to sees found when we used a metal detector; to stock market of gold currencies or to silver, jewels, relics military .....

Most of the metal detectors they only dog determines of approximate form the type of metal of to target, nevertheless, system GTI it goes a step ahead and it there are one pantall of unique image and of uses easy to visualize the approximated size of the detctados objects, the identification of the type of metal and aque depth is. It will not have to lose the Time being you remove objects nonwished.


  • Manual and automatic adjustment of the effect earth (rejection of the mineralization of the land)
  • For available Light search in the dark.
  • Operating processor system controlled by.
  • Plate of 25 cm. opened. Raincoat and anti-gallings
  • Distinction of 24 categories of type of metal.
  • Audio Discrimination by.
  • Audio Selection of way of.
  • Portable battery in the waist.
  • Pinpoint (indicating of exact location).
  • customized prospection and
  • Adjustments of sensitivity, tone and volume.
  • 8 frequencies of detection.
  • Eliminator of automatic or manual surface.
  • Comfortable, with the balanced weight and distributed well