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Call us [+34] 938.616.372. Hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30.
Call us [+34] 938.616.372. Hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30.

KENWOOD TS-2000E2X Issuer HF HF / VHF / UHF and 1200 Mhz

KENWOOD TS-2000E2X Issuer HF HF / VHF / UHF and 1200 Mhz

TS2000E2X TS2000E2X TS2000E2X TS2000E2X TS2000E2X TS2000E2X TS2000E2X

Referencia: TS2000E2X


2.413,95 incl. VAT

1.995,00€ w/o VAT


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Includes modules to 1200 MHz




The new multi-band all mode transceiver TS-2000 Kenwood E2 may be compact but is equipped with all the features you expect from a top quality team.

IF Digital Signal Processing
The TS-2000/B2000 behaves very effective in terms of digital signal processing. The Kenwood advanced digital technology makes analog to digital signals in real time, allowing digital processing as IF filtering, pitch slope, rectangular depression and AGC automatic. THE DSP IF stage in the reception and transmission main band% u2013 including the bands V / UHF% u2013 allows the greatest margin of control and unprecedented performance.

DSP Detection
IF-stage DSP means that the detection TS-2000/B2000 offers a significantly lower distortion and a significantly higher quality in all modes (FM: AF digital filtering)

Digital Filtering
There is absolutely no need to purchase optional filters: availability of digital IF filters for each of the modes (FM: AF digital filter), offering superior performance to other possible with analog circuitry. When operating SSB / FM / AM, the digital filter provides both a variation of high cutoff frequency as low. Using the tone of slope can remove noise with minimal effect on sound quality. In AM mode, the high cutoff frequency can reduce interference in controlling bandwidth IF% u2013 step useful for receiving shortwave broadcasts. In CW mode, the WIDTH function is supplemented by the displacement of center frequencies, allowing interference from adjacent signals is detuned. WIDTH This function also provides noise reduction capabilities in FSK with 4 steps available: 250, 500, 1,000 and 1.500Hz. And thanks to the AF-stage DSP, independent control of the high cutoff frequencies and low (12 steps each) also provides capacity FM slope tone.

DSP Detection
With the process of DSP, all TS-2000 provides a signal to noise ratio significantly better than a comparable analog circuit, with less distortion and higher quality of detection.

Automatic Rectangular Depression IF
Because you are working with a digital signal, Automatic Rectangular Depression IF (main band, SSB mode) can provide extremely accurate filtering of carrier frequencies of the emission and continuous pulse sources. The pulse interference is taken from a much more accurate than conventional analog systems, and even depression Rectangular Automatic Tracking changes of the signal pulse (the crawling speed can be varied in 5 steps).

The digital AGC circuit (only main band) offers a very fast emission characteristics, surpassing even the best analog designs. You can select a transmission time for action (20 steps) for each of the modes except FM.

Advanced Design
AF Digital Signal Processing
The DSP also runs in the AF phase, providing the functions of Pulsation Cancellation and Tone Automatic CW. Also allows you to achieve a significant reduction of noise and making improvements to his voice as transmitted.

Pulsation Cancellation
The Cancellation of Automatic pulsation, available for the main band (SSB and AM), immediately eliminates multiple pulses interfering with a desired signal. Works well in combination with Automatic Rectangular Depression IF (SSB).

Pulsation Cancellation Manua l
A new function Cancellation Keystroke Manual, which serves as a rectangular depression manual AF can be used in all modes% u2013 but it is particularly efficient in CW.

Automatic tone CW  
You no longer have to adjust the VFO more while working in CW% u2013 the Auto Tone CW does it for you automatically by adjusting the VFO to your preset tone by pressing a key.

Noise Reduction  
There are 2 types of noise reduction: LEM (NR1) and SPAC (NR2). The LEM (Line Breeder Method)% u2013 available for all modes in the main band and FM / AM in the sub-band% u2013 as a way to automatically filter around the target signal for a noise reduction capability of dynamic , as. The degree of improvement can also be adjusted manually for use in the main band. SPAC function (Automatic Mapping / Speech Processing) uses a correlation algorithm / special statistical extract weak signals that are masked by the background noise. Although available for all modes in the main band, is especially useful for tough CW conditions. The correlation time setting can be set in 10 steps between 2ms and 20ms.

Modeling Audio TX  
There are 3 ways to customize the audio quality with DSP: the equalizer TX / RX (SSB / FM / AM), the filter bandwidth, TX (SSB / AM), and the speech processor (SSB / FM / AM .) The equalizer TX / RX offers 4 positions of frequency response on SSB, FM and AM: high frequency enhancer for clarity, formant pass to minimize extraneous sounds, low frequency enhancer for richer sound, and so for conventional u201Canal?o% sound% u201D. In the transmission of SSB and AM you can choose between 6 Position filter bandwidth TX according to their performance requirements and microphone. The speech processor operates in three bands (SSB, FM and AM) for high compression and minimal distortion.

More Power and Performance
Tone DX Group (Group Package)
The simple TNC 2 chips compliant with the AX.25 protocol DX group tone. DX group information received at the sub-band not only appears in the liquid crystal display: it can also be used to instantly adjust the main band frequency group information. They may be stored as 10 units of information in memory.

Dual Channel Listen  
Providing sub-band and main band enables dual-channel listening. This multiband tuner every mode can simultaneously receive two frequencies even in the same band, allowing combinations as HF + V / UHF, VHF + VHF, UHF and VHF + UHF + UHF (the sub-band is used exclusively for receiving 144/430MHz FM / AM). This means, for example, you can get local information in V / UHF operating with HF in the main band.

Satellite Communications
Satellite operations are enhanced with the IF-DSP, 10 dedicated memory channels, the adjustment of Doppler frequencies (manual) and the ability to choose between normal or reverse shift for tracking.

Transmitter section of Great Performance
This transceiver is the perfect choice for FSK applications, mobile defense, giving up 100 (AM: 25) watts HF/50/144MHz bands. The output is 50 (AM: 12% u20195) watts on the 430MHz band, and 10 (AM: 2% u20195) 1.200MHz watts. But there is only power: built-in TCXO ensures excellent frequency stability - + -0% u20195ppm (except FM mode). * The minimum output is 5 watts for HF/50/144/430MHz bands, 1 watt to 1.200MHz.

Besides the new Auto Tone function, there is a complete range of CW features. The delay time settings and connection of semi-interruption / disruption are fully adjustable complete. In semi-break delay time between key release and active receive mode can be set between 50ms and 1.000ms. When using VOX operation the delay time can be set between 150ms and 3.000ms. Other CW features include pitch control (400-1.000Hz), side tone control with adjustable volume of 10 steps, the rise time adjustment based on DSP, and CW reverse mode.

FSK Characteristics
When operating in FSK mode, you can select frequency shift (170, 200, 425 and 850Hz) and connect both the polarity of the tones KEY as High / Low to match your RTTY device. Furthermore, FSK reverse function lets you adapt the methods of transmission to the other party if necessary, for example changing the BFO frequency from LSB (normal) to USB (reverse).

Data Communication Features
The bandwidth of the packet filter is completely selectable to match the speed of the packages, and you can also connect the levels of input / output ACC2 (PKD). For PSK31 mode, the menu offers an IF-DSP filter bandwidth of 100Hz.

Improved Ease of Operation
Automatic antenna tuner
The antenna tuner built% u2013 who also works when the radio is in receive mode% u2013 covers hobby bands between 1% u20199 and 50MHz, with rapid tuning lock when using presets.

300 memory channels
This transceiver provides a bank of 300 memories (plus 1 call channel for each of the bands), with 290 assignable by name and 10 available for programmable search. The forward and back function allows you to view the contents of memory, memory channel copy sends the contents of one channel to another, the lock memory changes the map search to exclude certain channels, and modifies the memory offset the frequency stored in a channel. In addition, 10% u201Cr?das% u201D memories to capture a current operation on the fly% u2013 ideal for the operation of defense.

Multiple Search Functions
It provides a full range of search functions, including search MHz, memory search, and search call. The group search mode covers all 300 memory channels in groups of 10, and the search will look for a programmable band frequency dispersion between two VFO settings (the arrest of the search function stops the search for 5 seconds). A new feature is the programmable slow search, which automatically reduce the speed to check a frequency band in which you are interested. Vary the speed and tracking, you can choose between occupied-stop-restart enabled by time (TO) or operated by Carrier (OC).

System Menu
You can access all the power and all functions of TS-2000/B2000 through display interface operated by front panel menu. You can also activate the Quick Menu feature to access only the most commonly used functions.


Other Features
Liquid crystal display with back light amber color, great
Front keys backlit
Compatible with digital recording unit optional DRU-3A
Ad performance with voice synthesizer key VS-3 (optional)
Programmable Function Keys
Current converter (displays up 19% u201999999GHz)
RF Gain Control
Muffler with all modes
Simple visual search
Automatic simplex checker
Automatic Repeater Offset (144MHz)
Manipulator built
Noise Suppressor
Automatic shutdown