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MT53H79A-21 Casco Peltor con ArnÚs de cabeza para Motorola GP-300

MT53H79A-21 Casco Peltor con ArnÚs de cabeza para Motorola GP-300


Referencia: MT53H79A21 (MOTOROLA)


325,49€ incl. VAT

269,00€ w/o VAT


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MT53H79A-21 Helmet with Peltor Harness head for Motorola GP-300

This helmet is ideal for communications with his walkie talkie performing high-risk activities such as paramotor, paragliding, parachuting.
It can also be used in industries, communications, high-quality, and so on.

This helmet meets the following rules:

Two-way communication
For communication with remote radio, mobile phone or DECT phone.

RNR * 94-105dB
You exceeded the standard for what it is compulsory to use hearing protection. Suitable for noise of high and medium frequency.


* Helmets high attenuation with optimized acoustic design and an excellent pair of ears, to get the best sound quality and the best comfort possible.

* Microphone with an effective compensation for the noise to attaining a clear and reliable communication.

* Giraffe microphone integrated with the function Quick Positioning for easy handling.

* Soft cushions and wide, stuffed with foam and liquid and wires for the individual elastic headband, made of steel and elastic to provide a uniform pressure distribution and uniform around the ears, to achieve an optimal comfort.

* PTT button on the helmet.

* Ear-mounted bar sets that provide the lowest possible distortion and resonance, which is accomplished with an excellent sound reproduction even in very noisy environments.