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Charger BC197 ICOM IC-6 units for F27SR

Charger BC197 ICOM IC-6 units for F27SR


Referencia: BC197


428,34€ incl. VAT

354,00€ w/o VAT


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The BC 197, 6 Way Multi Charger is a new charger for Icom IC input string F3002. The BC 197 is smaller and lower in height than the other 6 way charger Icom, the BC 121N. There are 6 positions with LED charging indicator function


The intelligent charging function, originally introduced in 190 BC one quick charger, it has also been used in this new AC 197. This feature automatically re microprocessor controlled charging the battery.

When you order 197 BC, it will come with the charger, pots and AC adapter (AD 120, AD 121 and AD 122), all in one. Casseroles replacement does not work with BC 121N

el bc 197, 6 way multi charger es un cargador nuevo icom para la serie de entrada ic f3002. el bc 197 es de menor tamaño y de menor altura que el otro cargador de 6 vías de icom, el bc 121n. hay 6 posiciones de carga con led indicador de función.

Kit Contents
  • 1 AD 120 Six charger adapter desktop unit
    1 BC 157S Power Unit
    1 power cable
    1 Operation Guide


  • Load up to 6 radios at once
  • Includes power supply (100 BC 157S 240V) and power cable
  • Designed specifically for charging Ni MH
  • Load the battery packs or without radios
  • For Icom IC F3001, F4001, F3003 and F4003 radios DTC only
  • Includes manufacturer's warranty one year