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YAESU PMR446 walkie VERTEX VX241 free use, 16 channels Walkie Talkie d

YAESU PMR446 walkie VERTEX VX241 free use, 16 channels Walkie Talkie d


Referencia: VX241KITPIN (YAESU)


157,24€ incl. VAT

129,95€ w/o VAT


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Yaesu VERTEX VX241 PMR446 walkie-free use, 16 Channel Walkie Talkie free use professional! - Gift Pinganillo

New Vertex VX-241 is a device designed to work in the most demanding situations. The PVC casing Vertex VX-241 makes it a very resistant to shock generated infortuitas situations.

The VX-241 is a professional team of 16 channels from which you can choose the one that best fits appropriate to their activity including options such as channel scan.

Side PTT is now larger to facilitate conversations and tricolor LED tells you at any time if you are getting some conversation.

Kit Contents Vertex VX-241E

  • 1 Walkie Talkie Yaesu VX-241E
  • 1 Li-Ion Battery FNB-V103LIA (7.4V 1380 mAh)
  • 1 belt clip (CLIP-18)
  • 1 Charger (CD34 PA- 42C)
  • 1 Headset Pin-29-2Y

yaesu vx-351

Operation ARTS

Front yaesu vx-241

walkie yaesu vx351

Side view - PTT Button

Side view free use walkie Yaesu VX-241

Connection to accessories

walkie yaesu vx351

Top view - channels and volume control

walkie yaesu vx351

Bottom View - Battery System extraction

walkie yaesu vx351

Load Procedure

walkie yaesu vx351

Charger subministrado in kit

walkie yaesu vx351


  • * 8 channel PMR446 channels with rotational stop 16
  • 2 programmable side buttons
  • Connector Accessories
  • Button revolving selection of channels
  • power and volume button.
  • larger side PTT
  • LED tricolor
  • Covers PVC resistant to unfavorable situations
  • Tx battery saver
  • 810 MIL CDEF
  • IP-55 Regulations
  • Channel Programmable
  • CTCSS / DCS 50 DCS codes 104
  • Scanner
  • ARTS ( coverage verification system)

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