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PT600-446 PMR walkie MAAS free use

PT600-446 PMR walkie MAAS free use


Referencia: PT600 (MAAS)

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PT600-446 PMR walkie MAAS free use
may use the PT 446 in any occasion and without obtaining any license to be subject to the PMR 446 standard. Whether at work, sightseeing or practicing a sport, the PT 446 is the perfect choice to never lose contact.

Operation VOX Headsets
The PT-600-446 is equipped with a feature that provides VOX a convenient hands-free operation without optional headphones. This allows you to perform communications is effortless while enjoying outdoor activities such as cycling.

PT600-446 PMR walkie MAAS free use

Kit Contents
  • 1 Walkie PT-600
  • 1 set of three rechargeable batteries 3 x AA Ni-MH, 1600mAh each one
  • 1 Charger Dock + transformed 220v
  • 1 Belt Clip

PT600-446 PMR walkie MAAS free use


  • l
    • 8
    Power Transmission
    • 500mW
    Frequency range
    • 446.00625 to 446.09375 Mhz
    Features & Functions
    • Reading or frequency channel (switchable )
    • 60 selectable CTCSS tones (DCS software programmable - optional)
    • VOX (sensitivity adjustable in 16 steps!)
    • Status LEDs on the top (for display / input)
    • This indicates the operating voltage to power
    • Monitor key
    • Squelch manually adjustable in 9 steps
    • Roger Beep (switchable)
    • Airtime (timeout timer programmable)
    • Keypad tones (off)
    • Analyzing the function (3 modes selectable)
    • 8 ringer tones can be selected
    • Energy Saving Function
    • Interchangeable key lock
    • battery level indicator on the screen
    • Programmable via PC
    by PC programmable (optional)
    • 199 individually programmable memory channels
    • DCS tones
    Power Supply
    • 3 Rechargeable batteries (AA)
    Headphone jack
    • Kenwood double standard connector on the side panel (3.5 / 2.5 mm)
    Dimensions (mm) WxHxD
    • 55 x 100 x 25 (excluding projections and antenna )
    • Antenna length: 7.5 cm
    • 180g (Unit including batteries)
    • 740g (complete package)

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