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YAESU VXA-300 Equipment for VHF aeronautical band 118-136 MHz.

YAESU VXA-300 Equipment for VHF aeronautical band 118-136 MHz.

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Referencia: VXA300 (YAESU)

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Transmit Frequency TX: 118-136.975 MHz

Band Aeronautical Equipment
Band aeronautical portable transceiver 250 alphanumeric memory channels, VOR navigation indicator, high capacity battery Ni-MH, submersible to 1 meter for 30 minutes.


The new VXA-300 PILOT addition to the basic features included in the VXA-150 PRO V incorporates;
The system VOR / CDI provides guidance additional graphic guidance system that necessarily endorsed any aircraft equipped as standard. With the function we can monitor our own transmission listen through headphones. The NiMH battery technology for long lasting 1400 mAh series allows us to use the laptop for much longer without recharging. Another important feature of the VXA-300 is the fulfillment of the formative JIS submersible 1m for 30 minutes. An important feature exclusive Vertex Standard is the function of control% u201D% u201Cpitch with which we can regulate the audio frequency, tone, our correspondent in difficult situations that we can serve noise for clearer reception.
With double DW listening system with priority.
TX Transmit Frequency: 118-136 975 MHz

The system VOR / CDI may not be available in some countries, airports, airfields or the like. Do not use as guidance system is only a graphical presentation of information. You can not replace the approved system that has standard necessarily any aircraft.

It is compatible with helmets HD 1200 and HD 1600 to see more information click <<here>>

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Here are the walkie connection with helmets tested by Digital Insanity:

VXA-300 + HD1203C/a> + HD-103 + CT-96



- Construction under Mil-Spec standards STD 810
- Indicator VOR Navigation
- Indicator CDI Navigation
- Output power 5 Watts TX (7.2 V 5 W PEP typ., 1.5 W carrier)
- 200 8 alphanumeric memory channels
- Water resistant at JIS7 (1m for 30 minutes)
- Report of emergency access (touch)
- Accesodirecto frequency (121.5 MHz)
- Direct Frequency Input
- Rechargeable Battery Pack 1400 mAh NiMH
- Wall Charger
- Display backlight
- Automatic noise limiter
- Split Mode Operation
- Low Battery Indicator
- Helical Antenna
- RX battery saver
- Manual
- Different types of scan
- Belt Clip
- Headset Adapter Cable CT-60

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