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YAESU G-1000DXC Antenna rotator and controller

YAESU G-1000DXC Antenna rotator and controller


Referencia: G1000DXC (YAESU)


647,35€ incl. VAT

535,00€ w/o VAT



YAESU G1000-DXC Antenna rotator and controller. Rotation Torque 600 to 1100 kgf-cm / Braking Torque 6000 kgf-cm

YAESU rotators are designed with a philosophy of strength and durability. Depending on the model we choose we can satisfy the various needs and different uses; television, amateur, military, satellite tracking, etc.
The treatments and external connections are designed for resisting the most adverse weather conditions. Aluminum alloy chassis waterproof and lubrication resistant for years. Its planetary type brake system eliminates false contacts and provides a quiet, reliable operation.



  • Wind Loading Area 2.2 m2
  • Braking Torque 6000 kgf-cm
  • Rotation Torque 600 to 1100 kgf-cm
  • Maximum Vertical load Continuous load 200 kg
  • Maximum Vertical load Instantaneous load 800 kg
  • Mast Outside Diameter f38 to f63
  • 360° Rotation Time 100 ± 10 seconds to 40 ± 5 seconds
  • Rotor Dimensions 186mm diamenter x 300 height
  • Weight approx. 3.5 Kg