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ICOM UT-106 DSP Unit

ICOM UT-106 DSP Unit

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ICOM UT-106 DSP Unit

Powerful plug-in module that gives you possibility to automatically filter noise, noise reduction

ANF (Automatic Notch Filter)
This automatically minimizes beat signals and heterodyne while still receiving the signal. Moreover, the notch frequency is automatically adjusted to the interfering signals, eg, reduction of interference signals on SSB RTTY operation. Works in SSB, FM and AM modes.

NR (Noise Reduction)
Reduce noise and pick the desired components to the signals that are buried in noise. The received AF signals are converted to digital signals, and then the signals are separated from the noise. It works in all modes.

Both ANF and NR features are accessed through the menu screen transceiver. The ANF function can be activated or deactivated via the menu. For NC, set the desired level of noise reduction.

Alida for radio ICOM IC-718 / IC-706MKIIG / IC-910H


Suitable for radio ICOM IC-718 / IC-706MKIIG / IC-910H