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Call us [+34] 938.616.372. Hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30.
Call us [+34] 938.616.372. Hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:30 to 18:30.

Lafayette Ares Black. 27 Mhz CB transceiver. AM / FM 4 watts

Lafayette Ares Black. 27 Mhz CB transceiver. AM / FM 4 watts




59,00 incl. VAT

48,76€ w/o VAT



New and refreshing concept in 27 Mhz stations. With complete performance, the ARES is distinguished by its small size, especially in the matter of background, ideal for those vehicles that have a reduced space to place the station. Its dimensions of box are: 14 cms. Wide x 12 cms. Background x 4 cms. Of height. Below you can find an outline with the external dimensions of both box and with the buttons and connections.LAFAYETTE ARES BLACK. CB Emitter 27 Mhz. Color BLACK
Important It complies with the E24 regulation that authorizes the installation of electronic equipment in public transport vehicles.

Cumple con la normativa E24 que autoriza a montar equipos electrónicos en vehículos de transporte público.


1 ON / OFF On / Off and volume control

This control turns the unit on and allows you to adjust the volume of sound more satisfactory for reception. 1 ON/OFF Encendido/Apagado y control de volumen2 SQUELCH Control

Turn this control clockwise to silence the device when a clear signal is not received and just hear noise, this will achieve a quiet and more comfortable standby condition.

Este control pone en marcha el aparato y permite ajustar el volumen de sonido mas satisfactorio para la recepción.

3 AM / FM Selector

Press this button to select AM or FM.
Girar este control en sentido horario para silenciar el aparato cuando no se reciba una clara señal y solo escuchemos ruido, con esto conseguiremos una silenciosa y más cómoda condición de standby.

4 SCAN button

Your CB device incorporates the channel scanner function. This function allows you to move through the 40 channels and to stop in the channel that you find busy and will remain in that channel for about 7 seconds after the detected conversation ends, then resume scanning channels. To activate this function press the SCAN button, the operation will be indicated in the display. If you want to end the scanning action, press the SCAN button again or the PTT button on the microphone, this completes the scanner function. 3 Selector AM / FM5 CHANNEL 9 / RESET button
Presionar este botón para seleccionar AM o FM.

Press this button in case of emergency, this will take us to channel 9 immediately (emergency channel). This button can also be used as RESET when the station does not operate properly. Keep this button pressed while turning on the transmitter to reset the device. When this action is taken, the letters RS will appear on the display and the station will be reset to the initial factory setting.

6 Channel selector UP (up) / DOWN (down)
Press the UP or DOWN buttons to select the desired channel. When these buttons are pressed, the channels change rapidly in ascending or descending order according to the button we choose.

7 Power connection cable Connect the power cable to the vehicle's battery (red to positive lead 13.8 volts and black to ground wire) or power supply (in the same way as in the battery). Pay close attention to this step, a wrong connection (reverse polarity) or a power supply voltage greater than 13.8 volts would damage the equipment.
External Speaker

The transmitter has a connector on the back for the external speaker connection using a 3.5 mm jack.

6 Selector de canales UP (arriba) / DOWN (abajo)
Presionar los botones UP o DOWN para seleccionar el canal deseado. Cuando estos botones son presionados los canales cambian rápidamente de forma ascendente o descendente según el botón que elijamos.

Kit contents

1 Ares Black 1 Handheld Microphone
Conectar el cable de alimentación a la batería del vehículo (cable rojo a positivo 13,8 voltios y cable negro a masa) o fuente de alimentación (de la misma forma que en la batería). Preste mucha atención a este paso, una conexión equivocada (inversión de la polaridad) o una alimentación a voltaje superior a los 13,8 voltios dañaría el equipo.

1 Bracket type emulator

1 Microphone stand
La emisora dispone de conector en su parte posterior para la conexión de altavoz externo mediante clavija tipo jack de 3,5 mm.

Contenido del kit
  • 1 Emisora Ares Black
    1 Microfo de mano
  • Features
  • 1 Soporte emisora tipo escuadra
  • Power 4 watts
  • 1 Soporte de microfono
  • Channel step 10 khz

AM / FM Modulation

Frequencies 26,964 27,405 Mhz http://www.locuradigital.com/emisoras_c_b_27_mhz/lafayette/lafayette_ares_black_emisora_cb_27_mhz_color_negro.htm

Working voltage 13, 8 volts

PLL crystal synthesizer transmitter

External speaker output rear 3.5 mm jack type


  • Potencia 4 watios
  • Paso canal 10 khz
  • Modulacion AM / FM
  • Frecuencias 26.964 27.405 Mhz
  • Tension de trabajo 13 , 8 voltios
  • Transmisor sintetizador PLL a cristal
  • Salida externa altavoz parte trasera tipo jack 3,5 mm