LAFAYETTE ATENA. Mobile radio CB 27 Mhz. AM/FM 4 Watts

Discontinued product.
  • LAFAYETTE ATENA. Mobile radio CB 27 Mhz. AM/FM 4 Watts. Black Colour. COMPLETE MOBILE RADIO.

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Listen to your friends even though they are close to you

LAFAYETTE ATENA. Mobile radio CB 27 Mhz. AM/FM 4 Watts. Black Colour.

Lafayette presents its new 27 Mhz equipment, provided with an incredible dessign and an original ANTENNA GAIN CONTROL. With the antenna gain control we could adjust the power with what we want the signal to enter in our mobile radio, that way we will manage to listen the other radios although they are close to us.

On many occasions when two vehicles are so close and try to communicate with 27 Mhz radios, happens that no signal is received. With this radio this problem it is solved thanks to the antenna gain control. In a quick and easy way we could control the intensity of the signal that enters in our mobile radio and so we reach a perfect reception.


Complies with E24 rule that permits to install electronic equipments in public transport vehicles

lafayette atena cb

Kit Contents
  • 1 LAFAYETTE ATENA mobile radio
    1 Hand Microphone
    1 Power cord with 12v cigarette lighter connector
    1 Microphone bracket
    1 Mobile radio bracket
    1 Cobra HGA1500C Antenna

atena lafayette. emisora cb 27 mhz. am/fm 4 watios. color negro. emisora completa con conector de mechero antenas iman cobrahga 1500 c

lafayette atena cb

COBRA HGA 1500C. CB 27 Mhz Antenna, 105 cm
Power: 300 W
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Length: 105 cm
Cable length 4,5 mts. PL male connector
Weight: 220 g

- CB 27 Mhz mobile Antenna.
- Stainless steel Cone-shaped rib.
- 5/8 wave.
- Impedance 50 Ohm.
- Frequencies 26-28 Mhz.
- Polarization vertical.
- V.S.W.R. < 1.2:1.
- Max. Power 300 W.
- Length: 105 mm
- Weight: 220 g


  • Transmitter: PLL crystal Synthesizer
  • Receiver: superheterodyne double conversion system
  • Working power: 13,8 V DC
  • Temperature range: from -10º C to 50º C
  • Channel step: 10 Khz
  • Transmitter: Output power (4 watts AM / 4 watts FM)
  • Frequency range: 26.965 - 27.405 Mhz
  • Frequency tolerance: ( -) 500 Hz
  • Modulation sensibility: 6 mV (1.25 Khz. Input)
  • Modulation capacity: AM: 90% - FM: 2 Khz
  • Sensibility: AM: 0,5 ("uV") (s/n 10 Db) - FM: 0,3 ("uV") (sinad 12 dB)
  • Auto Squelch 0.3 ("uV")
  • Squelch: 0.5 ("uV") MAX
  • S/N ratio: 40 dB
  • Distortion: 5%
  • Max. Power: 4 watts