Case 1550-000-190 Arena protection with foam.

1550000190 Maleta de protección Arena, con espuma. 66224
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  • 1550000190
  • 1550 000 190 Hunter Green Protective Case with foam Rugged, waterproof, dustproof, chemical...

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Sand Bag 1550000190 protection with foam.

Sand Bag 1550000190 protection with foam. ref: 1550000190

Rugged, waterproof, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion.

These are some of the features of this Peli case that offers total protection for your computer.

Copolymer made of Ultra High Impact structural, which makes it extremely strong and durable.

Its exclusive neoprene o-ring of 6.4 mm and ABS latches seal perfectly. Includes a purge valve for quick equalization after changes in pressure.

You can set your computer perfectly thanks to the high density foam in this case, giving you total subjection and protection against impact, vibration and shock.

Includes name plate, which can be personalized (engraved at additional cost).

This case has a code of NATO and has passed the test IP-67 (Ingress Protection). Unconditional guarantee ... forever

Sand Bag 1550000190 protection with foam.

Pressure valve

1120-000-110 Protective Case Black with Foam

Tight closure

1200-000-110 Protective Case Black with Foam1200-000-110 Protective Case Black with Foam

Thanks to the ring on the lid incorporates

Double Throw latches and easy opening

1450-000-110 proteci?ag Black with foam.

Includes holes for a padlock.

1120-000-110 proteci?ag Black with foam.

This case gives you the possibility to leave your computer locked up.

The best protection for your computer

Sand Bag 1550000190 protection with foam.

Protect your computer with foam inserts

Accessories available:

Control Panel

1450-000-110 proteci?ag Black with foam.

You can install a special application panel.

Divider Set

1500-000-110 proteci?ag Black with foam.

You can install dividers for your computer.

3 pc replacement foam

1500-000-110 proteci?ag Black with foam.

You can replace the foam.

EMS Accessory Set (Only organizers and dividers)

Sand Bag 1550000190 protection with foam.

You can enter a special organizer with clear pockets
and a divider that allows rapid identification of medical supplies in an emergency.

Sand Bag 1550000190 protection with foam.

Instapak takes the form of the second injection mold with only a little solution.



-23 º C


+99 º C

46.8 cm x 35.5 cm x 19.3 cm
52.4 cm x 42.8 cm x 20.6 cm


4.4 cm
14.9 cm
Floats in salt water with a load of 31.7 kg.
Black, silver, orange, yellow, sand, khaki green (foam)
Black (no foam)
Black (separators

# 1501 - Replacement Foam Set (3 pieces)
# 1505 - Game padded dividers
# 1508 - Organising top / photographer
# 1509 - Organising cap / attach?font>

# 1505EMS - EMS Accessory Set

You can request a panel for special applications.


- IP67 (Ingress Protection, index 67). Refers to protection against solid particles (first figure) and liquid (second figure). Thus, 6 means dust resistant (6 being the maximum rate) and 7, to dip (8 being the maximum rate, which corresponds to indefinite immersion).

- Certification STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41. We are pleased to inform you that all our bags (except the Micro Cases) have successfully passed several tests extremely demanding vibration, cold temperatures, dry heat and impact. In addition, all our bags are certified to the standards STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41. For more information, contact your dealer or supplier.

- ATA (Air Transportation Association). Specific certification packages for airlines. Try the suitcase as container used for a minimum of 100 trips around the world. Measures the resistance to impacts and falls.

- MIL C-4150J. Certification maletras U.S. military to the following conditions: stacking, drop, immersion and humidity.