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  • MFJ929
  • MFJ929 ACOPLADOR AUTOMATICO DE ANTENAS HF 3,5- 30 Mhz Frequencies 3,5 - 30 Mhz Input impendence: 50...

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HF 80-10 METRES!


Frequencies 3,5 - 30 Mhz
Input impendence:  50 ohms
Input power:  150 W PEP
Favorite stops radio stations Kenwood Yaesu Icom and so on.

The tuner IntelliTuner MFJ 929 allows tune fast and automatically any aerial: Balanced asymmetric or of an alone thread. The MFJ 929 is a unit of syntony of aerials with medidor of ROE, vatímetro and switch for two aerials


Fits automatically aerials with impedances between 6 and 1.600 %u03A9 (ROE until 32:1 )
Handles 200 W SSB/ CW
Tunes in minus than 15 seconds usualmente in minus than 5 seconds
More more than 20.000 memories not volatile stops tightenings of syntony
Four banks of memory by aerial with more than 2.500 positions by bank
Circuit of coupling in network L commutable of high efficiency
Coverage continuous of frequency between 1,8 and 30 MHz
ROE desirable adjustable between 1,0 to 2,0
Level of tightening of ROE adjustable between 0,5 and 1,5
Screen LCD multifunction retroiluminada with control of contrast
Readings numerical of ROE power straight and reflected
Prompt to bars from ROE power straight and reflected
Prompt acoustic of ROE
Frecuencímetro built-in
 Interface optional stops radiums compatible
 %u201CT%u201D of polarization built-in
Two connecting coaxial SO 239 stops aerials
Connector stops aerials of an alone thread

Specifications: *

Border of coupling of impedances: 6 to 1.600 %u03A9
Border of ROE stops coupling: Until 8:1 stops <50 %u03A9 and even 32:1 stops >50 %u03A9
Power minimum to tune: 2 W
Power maximum to the tune: 100 W with protection, 20 W without protection
Power maximum: 200 W SSB/ CW
Border of frequency: 1,8 to 30 MHz, coverage continuous
Accuracy of the frecuencímetro: 1 kHz in all the bands of HF
Border of the frecuencímetro: Until 50 MHz
Border of capacity: 0 To 3.961 pF nominal (256 values )
Border of inductance: 0 To 24,86 µH nominal (256 values )
Capacity of the relays: 10 to / 1.000 V
Life electrical of the relays: 100.000 operations
Life mechanic of the relays: 10.000.000 of operations
Duration of the memory: 1.000.000 of cycles of writing
Retention of data in the memory: >200 years
Needs of food: 12-15 V cc. Connecting coaxial 2,1x5,5 mm (+ centre )
Consumption of current: More less than 850 mA
Sizes approximate: 165 mm wide, 71 mm high, 191 mm bottom
(Without include connectors )
Weight approximate: 1,09 kg